Determination of nonlinear refractive index in a Ta2O5 rib waveguide using self-phase modulation.

  title={Determination of nonlinear refractive index in a Ta2O5 rib waveguide using self-phase modulation.},
  author={C. Y. Tai and James S. Wilkinson and N.M.B. Perney and M. C. Netti and Francesco Cattaneo and Chris E Finlayson and Jeremy J. Baumberg},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={12 21},
Self-phase modulation has been observed for ultrashort pulses of wavelength 800nm propagating through a 1 cm-long Ta2O5 rib waveguide. The associated nonlinear refractive index n2 was estimated to be 7.23x10-19 m2/W, which is higher than silica glass by more than one order of magnitude. Femtosecond time of flight measurements based on a Kerr shutter configuration show that the group velocity dispersion is small at a wavelength of 800 nm, confirming that dispersion may be neglected in the… Expand
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