Determination of lipids in biological materials by paper chromatography.

  title={Determination of lipids in biological materials by paper chromatography.},
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Lipids of the oils of the fruit and leaves ofHoppophaë rhamnoides

The analysis of some lipids of four forms of the common sea buckthorn has shown that they all differ with respect to the composition of the fatty acids of the triacylglycerols of the leaves. One of

Photosynthesis Bibliography volume 1 1966/1970



The determination of tocopherols by paper chromatography.

Methods are given for determining individual tocopherols in natural oils and food-stuffs. These methods consist of either a single-dimensional separation on zinc carbonate-impregnated paper, or this

The analysis of α-tocopherol and ubiquinone in rat liver

1. A comparative study has been made of five methods of saponifying normal and vitamin E-deficient rat liver and subsequently measuring ubiquinone and α-tocopherol. 2. Losses of ubiquinone and

The use of chromium sesquioxide to measure the digestibility of carotene by goats and cows

The individual results from cows and goats have been statistically analysed to partition the various sources of variance, and it has been shown that fewer animals for longer time give a more reliable result than more animals for a shorter time.

Studies of the rate of passage and disappearance in the intestine of the goat of carotene dissolved in fat and mixed with chromium sesquioxide

Carotene is usually eaten by animals as a natural constituent of some portion of their food, and in previous experiments Chanda, Clapham, McNaught & Owen (195 I a, b) and Chanda & Owen (1952)

Relative antioxidant activities of the seven tocopherols

The antioxidant activities of the seven tocopherols and of the unmethylated parent compound (tocol) have been compared in several systems. The three tocopherols unsubstituted in the 5-position

Studies on the requirement of the young chick for vitamin E

  • T. Griffiths
  • Biology, Medicine
    British Journal of Nutrition
  • 1960
The effects of different sources and levels of dietary starch on gain weight body vitamin E storage The exact requirement of poultry for vitamin E under practical feeding conditions has not been