Determination of iron-porphyrin-like complexes at nanomolar levels in seawater.

  title={Determination of iron-porphyrin-like complexes at nanomolar levels in seawater.},
  author={Lilita Vong and Agathe La{\"e}s and St{\'e}phane Blain},
  journal={Analytica chimica acta},
  volume={588 2},
A new method for the non-specific determination of iron-porphyrin-like complexes in natural waters has been developed. It is based on the chemiluminescent oxidation of the luminol in the presence of dioxygen (O2) at pH 13. The method has been implemented in a FIA manifold that allowed the direct injection of seawater. The limit of detection is 0.11 nM of equivalent hemin (Fe-protoporphyrin IX). Fe2+, Fe3+, H2O2, siderophore (deferoxamin mesylate), humic acid and phytic acid did not interfere… CONTINUE READING
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