Determination of interconversion barriers by dynamic gas chromatography: epimerization of chalcogran.


The four stereoisomers of chalcogran 1 ((2RS,SRS)-2-ethyl-1,6-di-oxaspiro[4.4]nonane), the principal component of the aggregation pheromone of the bark beetle pityogenes chalcographus, are prone to interconversion at the spiro center (C5). During diastereo- and enantioselective dynamic gas chromatography (DGC), epimerization of 1 gives rise to two independent interconversion peak profiles, each featuring a plateau between the peaks of the interconverting epimers. To determine the rate constants of epimerization by dynamic gas chromatography (DGC), equations to simulate the complex elution profiles were derived, using the theoretical plate model and the stochastic model of the chromatographic process. The Eyring activation parameters of the experimental interconversion profiles, between 70 and 120 C in the presence of the chiral stationary phase (CSP) Chirasil-beta-Dex, were then determined by computer-aided simulation with the aid of the new program Chrom-Win: (2R,5R)-1: deltaG(++) (298.15 K) = 108.0 +/-0.5 kJ mol(-1), deltaH(++) = 47.1+/-0.2 kJ mol(-1), deltaS(++) = -204+/-6 JK(-1) mol(-1): (2R,5S)-1: deltaG(++) (298.15 K) = 108.5+/-0.5 kJ mol(-1), deltaH(++) = 45.8+/-0.2 kJ mol(-1), deltaS(++) = -210 +/-6 J K mol(-1); (2S,5S)-1: deltaG(++) (298.15 K)= 108.1+/-0.5 kJ mol(-1), deltaH(++) = 49.3+/-0.3 kJ mol(-1), deltaS(++) = -197+/-8 J K(-1) mol(-1); (2S,5R)-1: deltaG(++) (298.15 K)=108.6+/-0.5 kJ mol(-1), deltaH(++) = 48.0+/-0.3 kJ mol(-1), deltaS(++) = -203+/-8 J K(-1) mol(-1). The thermodynamic Gibbs free energy of the E/Z equilibrium of the epimers was determined by the stopped-flow multidimensional gas chromatographic technique: deltaG(E/Z) (298.15 K)= -0.5 kJ mol(-1), deltaH(E/Z) = 1.4 kJ mol(-1) and deltaS(E/Z) = 6.3 J K(-1) mol(-1). An interconversion pathway proceeding through ring-opening and formation of a zwitterion and an enol ether/alcohol intermediate of 1 is proposed.

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