[Determination of cytoplasmic glycogen in 4 strains of amoeba of the genus Entamoeba].


The purpose of this work was made to determine the cytoplasmic glycogen concentration in trophozoites from four different strains of Entamoeba genus. We used IP-1 and PZ from E. invadens; HM-2 and HK-9 from E. histolytica strains, axenically cultured in TP-S-1 medium. The growth of different strains was determined each 24 hours during 10-days, with the aid of a hemocytometer. The quantification of cytoplasmic glycogen was made by two methods: 1) Montgomery and 2) Krisman. The glycogen concentrations were measured in the four strains during their growing. The results did not show any difference, remained as a constant concentration in each strain. These concentrations quantified by Montgomery method were similar in all strains (35 pg/cell), except in HM-2 strain which showed a less concentration of this polysaccharide (28 pg/cell) than the other strain. These results were different when Krisman method was used, both IP-1 and PZ strains had a similar glycogen concentrations about 19 pg/cell, however HM-2 and HK-9 strains had a higher glycogen concentration (21 pg/cell) than E. invadens strains.

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