Determination of blood sugar.

  title={Determination of blood sugar.},
  author={Michael Somogyi},
  journal={Journal of Biological Chemistry},
  • M. Somogyi
  • Published 1945
  • Chemistry
  • Journal of Biological Chemistry
Heterogeneous metabolic adaptation of C57BL/6J mice to high-fat diet.
Increased glucose clearance in lean mice could not be explained by increased insulin level, indicating that other in vivo mechanisms are triggered to control muscle glucose utilization and could participate in the protection against development of obesity. Expand
Hypocalcemia reduces insulin turnover but not insulin-mediated glucose metabolism in piglets
The relationship between insulin concentration in plasma and glucose turnover (measured with [3-3H]glucose) was not influenced by the calcemic and vitamin D status of the piglets, indicating that the peripheral action of insulin on glucose metabolism was not affected by the extracellular calcium concentration and Vitamin D status. Expand
Detemination of Urea Using Fia-Cl System
In this work a sensitive chemiluminescence (CL) method for the determination of urea was investigated using a reaction between hypobromite and urea in basic medium. The hypobromite (OBr-) wasExpand
Stability of cassava flour-based food bars Estabilidade de alimento em barra à base de farinha de mandioca
The consumption of Brazilian cassava has been reduced due to a lack of adjustment to the modern lifestyle. To reverse this trend, new products could be developed specifically targeted to high-valueExpand
Evaluation of the Shelf-Life of Vegetable-Type Soybean Pods
The shelf-life of the vegetable-type soybean pods stored under different conditions was evaluated by chemical characteristics and color. The pods were harvested in the R6 stage and stored either atExpand
Impact of infection on glucose-dependent liver glucose uptake during TPN: interaction with insulin.
TPN augments glucose-dependent NHGU, the presence of infection decreases glucose- dependence, and the accompanying hyperinsulinemia associated with infection does not sustain the glucose dependence of NHGU. Expand
Quantitative measurement of starch in very small amounts of leaf tissue
A β-glucanase-free preparation of amyloglucosidase is employed to hydrolyse starch to glucose; this is subsequently estimated by the glucose oxidase technique. Expand
Physico-chemical typology of the biogenic structures of termites and earthworms: a comparative analysis
The results suggest that, in the biogenic structures, the organic content is stored and protected from mineralization. Expand
Glucose metabolism in shorn and unshorn pregnant sheep.
It is concluded that as a result of long-term cold exposure there is a significant increase in whole-body glucose entry and oxidation rates in the shorn pregnant ewe. Expand
A novel heteromeric pantothenate kinase complex in apicomplexan parasites
This study constitutes the first examples of heteromeric PanK complexes in nature and provides an explanation for the presence of multiple PanKs within certain organisms. Expand