Determination of atomic multiphoton-ionization phases by trichromatic multichannel wave-packet interferometry

  title={Determination of atomic multiphoton-ionization phases by trichromatic multichannel wave-packet interferometry},
  author={K. Eickhoff and D. K{\"o}hnke and Leon G. Feld and Tim Bayer and M. Wollenhaupt},
  journal={Physical Review A},
We present a multichannel photoelectron interferometry technique based on trichromatic pulse shaping for unambiguous determination of quantum phases in atomic multiphoton ionization (MPI) of potassium atoms. The colors of the laser field are chosen to produce three energetically separated photoelectron interferograms in the continuum. While the red pulse is two-photon resonant with the 3d-state resulting in a (2+1) resonance-enhanced MPI (REMPI), a (1+2) REMPI occurs via the non-resonant… 

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