Determination of antituberculosis drug concentration in human plasma by MALDI-TOF/TOF.

  title={Determination of antituberculosis drug concentration in human plasma by MALDI-TOF/TOF.},
  author={Stefania Notari and Carmine Mancone and Manuel Sergi and Francesca Gullotta and Nazzario Bevilacqua and Massimo Tempestilli and Rocco Urso and Francesco Nicola Lauria and Leopoldo Paolo Pucillo and Marco Tripodi and Paolo Ascenzi},
  journal={IUBMB life},
  volume={62 5},
Therapeutic drug monitoring allows to determine the best dosage regimen adapted to each patient optimizing the therapeutic benefits, while minimizing the risk for side effects. Here, the first methodological approach based on matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization source equipped with tandem time-of-flight (MALDI-TOF/TOF) mass spectrometry for the determination of the antituberculosis (anti-TB) drugs ethambutol, pyrazinamide, rifampicin, and streptomycin concentration in the plasma of… CONTINUE READING

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