Determination of adenosine, cordycepin and ergosterol contents in cultivated Antrodia camphorata by HPLC method

  title={Determination of adenosine, cordycepin and ergosterol contents in cultivated Antrodia camphorata by HPLC method},
  author={Chien-Yu Chang and M Y Lue and Tzu-Ming Pan},
  journal={Journal of Food and Drug Analysis},
The concentrations of adenosine and cordycepin, 3'-deoxyadenosine in the hot water extract and ergosterol in the ethanol extract of a cultivated Antrodia camphorata were measured by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method. The procedure were carried out on a reversed-phase C18 column by linear gradient elution, using four eluents as mobile phase and by isocratic elution, using 100% methanol as mobile phase, respectively. The analysis was completed within 20 min. The application of… Expand

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  • 2021
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