Determination of adamantane derivatives in pharmaceutical formulations by using spectrophotometric UV-Vis method

  title={Determination of adamantane derivatives in pharmaceutical formulations by using spectrophotometric UV-Vis method},
  author={A. Sobczak and I. Muszalska and Paulina Rohowska and Tomasz Inerowicz and Hubert Dotka and A. Jelińska},
  journal={Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy},
  pages={657 - 661}
A simple and sensitive extractive spectrophotometric method have been developed and validated for determination of amantadine hydrochloride (AM), memantine hydrochloride (MM) and rimantadine hydrochloride (RM) in pure and pharmaceutical formulations. The method is based on the reaction of these active compounds with bromophenol blue (BB) in acetate buffer (0.1 M) pH 3.5 to form an orange-colored products which have absorption maxima at 408 nm. The procedure of complexation was optimized with… Expand
A simple and rapid microplate fluorescence determination of adamantanes in pharmaceutical formulations
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Development of a novel, fast, simple, nonderivative HPLC method with direct UV measurment for quantification of memantine hydrochloride in tablets.
This is the first successful and reproducible direct RP-HPLC-UV quantification method for memantine and both mobile phase concepts, showed perfect linearity, precision and accuracy. Expand
On-line competitive host-guest interactions in a turn-on fluorometric method to amantadine determination in human serum and pharmaceutical formulations.
The results demonstrated that the method can be applied to Amantadine determination in real samples of different nature with excellent recoveries, ranging from 83% to 98% depending on the matrix assayed. Expand
Indirect competitive ELISA and colloidal gold-based immunochromatographic strip for amantadine detection in animal-derived foods
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Preparation of a monoclonal antibody against amantadine and rimantadine and development of an indirect competitive enzyme‐linked immunosorbent assay for detecting the same in chicken muscle and liver
The results suggest that ic‐ELISA is a sensitive, accurate, and low‐cost method that could be a useful tool for screening the residues of amantadine and rimantadines in chicken muscle and liver. Expand
Memantine nanoemulsion: a new approach to treat Alzheimer’s disease
The developed nanoemulsion could be used as a potential carrier of memantine for a direct nose to brain delivery to bypass the blood-brain barrier for the treatment of Alzheimer disease. Expand


Fluorimetric liquid chromatographic analysis of amantadine in urine and pharmaceutical formulation.
Toluene was used as the solvent for extracting amantadine or memantine in samples and the resulting toluene extract was directly subjected to subsequent derivatization without solvent replacement leading to a simpler analytical procedure. Expand
Simple fluorimetric method for determination of certain antiviral drugs via their oxidation with cerium (IV).
The proposed fluorimetric method was successfully applied to the analysis of the investigated drugs in pure and pharmaceutical dosage forms with good accuracy and precision; the recovery percentages ranged from 99.2 to 101.2+/-0.48-1.30%. Expand
Selective Spectrophotometric and Spectrofluorometric Methods for the Determination of Amantadine Hydrochloride in Capsules and Plasma via Derivatization with 1,2-Naphthoquinone-4-sulphonate
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2,3-diphenylquinolizinium bromide as a fluorescent derivatization reagent for amines
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Electrophoretic behavior of adamantane derivatives possessing antiviral activity and their determination by capillary zone electrophoresis with indirect detection
Direct detection method using 5 mM 4‐methylbenzylamine in ethanol/water solution (1:4) as simultaneously absorbing and buffering background electrolyte with detection at 210 nm was found suitable for determination of the individual compounds. Expand
Sensitive and selective liquid chromatographic assay of memantine in plasma with fluorescence detection after pre-column derivatization.
A procedure was developed for the determination of memantine in plasma using liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection, and it was found that this method could also be applied to the quantitation of amantadine. Expand
Quantitative analysis of memantine in human plasma by gas chromatography/negative ion chemical ionization/mass spectrometry.
The method is rugged, rapid and robust and was applied to the batch determination of memantine during pharmacokinetic profiling of the drug. Expand