Determination of acrylamide levels in selected foods in Brazil.

  title={Determination of acrylamide levels in selected foods in Brazil.},
  author={Adriana Pavesi Arisseto and Maria Cec{\'i}lia De Figueiredo Toledo and Yasmine Govaert and Joris Van Loco and St{\'e}phanie Fraselle and Eric Weverbergh and Jean Marie Degroodt},
  journal={Food additives and contaminants},
  volume={24 3},
Selected carbohydrate-rich foods available on the Brazilian market (111 samples representing 19 product categories) were analysed for acrylamide content using a liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method. A limit of detection of 10 microg kg(-1), a limit of quantitation of 20 microg kg(-1) and mean recoveries ranging 100 to 115% were obtained during a laboratory validation procedure. The concentration of acrylamide in the samples ranged from <20 to 2528 microg kg(-1), with a… CONTINUE READING