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Determination of Vitamins A ( Retinol ) and E ( alpha-Tocopherol ) in Foods by Liquid Chromatography : Collaborative Study

  title={Determination of Vitamins A ( Retinol ) and E ( alpha-Tocopherol ) in Foods by Liquid Chromatography : Collaborative Study},
  author={J. Alfiere and C. Berge and C. Boerner and S. Cardozo and M. Chettiar and K. Dupont and K. Gustafson and E. Hanson and A. Kazeminy and D. Krueger and R. Mazal and P. Meland and B. Mioc and L. Oehrl and E. Vinski and D. Willis}
A collaborative study was conducted for the determination of vitamins A and E. Existing AOAC liquid chromatographic (LC) methods are suited for specific vitamins A and E analytical applications. This method differs from existing methods in that it can be used to assay samples in all 9 sectors of the food matrix. Standards and test samples are saponified in basic ethanol–water solution, neutralized, and diluted, converting fats to fatty acids and retinol esters and tocopherol esters to retinol… Expand

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