Determination of Trace Amounts of Iodide by an Inhibition Kinetic Spectrophotometric Method

  title={Determination of Trace Amounts of Iodide by an Inhibition Kinetic Spectrophotometric Method},
  author={Ramazan G{\"u}rkan and Nilg{\"u}n Biçer and Mehmet {\"O}zkan and Mehmet Akcay},
In this study, the reaction between Co(III)-EDTA and hypophosphite ion, catalyzed by Pd(II), was chosen as the indicator reaction. The inhibition kinetics of this catalytic reaction were investigated in the presence of iodide ion and the possibility of its analytical application was evaluated. Catalyzers other than PdCl2 (Pt, Au and Ni salts) were assayed for the indicator reaction and it was observed that these catalysts have no effect on the reaction. The important variables that affected the… CONTINUE READING


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