• Chemistry
  • Published 2014

Determination of Histamine and Tyramine Levels in Canned Salted Fish by Using HPLC

  title={Determination of Histamine and Tyramine Levels in Canned Salted Fish by Using HPLC},
  author={Mohamed Karmi},
To determine the levels of histamine and tyramine in canned salted mackerel, sardine and tuna fish and to compare these levels with the maximum allowable levels, a total of 90 fish samples, 30 samples from every studied species were analyzed and the histamine and tyramine levels were estimated. Revealed that 46.7%, 80% and 73.3% of mackerel, sardine and tuna samples were positive for histamine residues and contain levels higher than 50 ppm, respectively. About 60%, 86.7% and 80% of mackerel… CONTINUE READING

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