Determination of Health Care Needs in Elderly Individuals Visited at Home

  title={Determination of Health Care Needs in Elderly Individuals Visited at Home},
  author={Ayşeg{\"u}l Nazlı {\"O}zcan and Kamuran {\"O}zdil and G{\"u}lhan K{\"u}ç{\"u}k {\"O}zt{\"u}rk},
ABS TRACT Objective: The aim of the research is to provide knowledge about health care needs and nursing care of individuals aged 65 years and over who were visited within the context of public health nursing course. Material and Methods: The research is of descriptive type. The population of the research consisted of the older individuals living in the central neighborhoods of Avanos district, which was the public health nursing application field of a health college in Nevşehir between… CONTINUE READING


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