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Determination of Growth Performance of Intergeneric Hybridization of Heterobranchus Longifilis and Clarias Anguillaris

  title={Determination of Growth Performance of Intergeneric Hybridization of Heterobranchus Longifilis and Clarias Anguillaris},
  author={Hala A. Ibrahim},
Experiment on intergeneric hybridization of Heterobranchus longifilis (H. l) and Clarias anguillaris (C. a.) was carried out at the Toxicology unit, Fish Farm, Federal University of Technology (F.U.T.), Minna to determine growth performance and survival of the bred hatchlings. Pure crossing of H. l. (T1), C. a. (T2), intergeneric crosses of male H. l. with female C. a. (T3) and male C. a with female H. l (T4) serve as treatments. Each treatment was replicated three times. Percentage… 
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