Determination of Dipole Polarization Effects in 7Li and 11Li

  title={Determination of Dipole Polarization Effects in 7Li and 11Li},
  author={L. D. Skouras and Herbert Muther and M. A. Nagarajan},
  journal={HNPS Proceedings},
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An effective two-body interaction is constructed from a new Reidlike NN potential for a large no-core space consisting of six major shells and is used to generate the shell-model properties for light


Effect of dipole polarisation in the quadrupole Coulomb excitation
The quantity S(E1) defined by Hausser (1973) is calculated for 6,7Li using a harmonic oscillator description of these nuclei. The centre-of-mass problem is treated exactly and all the dipole strength
Investigation of E1 Strength in Coulomb Excitation of Light Nuclei
Contributions to the predominantly E2 Coulomb excitation of the first excited states of 6U, 7U, lOB, 11 B, 12C and 170 due to virtual E1 transitions through intermediate states are calculated using