Determination of Cellular Lipids Bound to Human CD1d Molecules

  title={Determination of Cellular Lipids Bound to Human CD1d Molecules},
  author={Daryl G. Cox and L Fox and Runying Tian and Wilfried Bardet and Matthew Skaley and Danijela Mojsilovic and Jenny E Gumperz and William H. Hildebrand},
  journal={PLoS ONE},
  pages={817 - 890}
CD1 molecules are glycoproteins that present lipid antigens at the cell surface for immunological recognition by specialized populations of T lymphocytes. Prior experimental data suggest a wide variety of lipid species can bind to CD1 molecules, but little is known about the characteristics of cellular ligands that are selected for presentation. Here we have molecularly characterized lipids bound to the human CD1d isoform. Ligands were eluted from secreted CD1d molecules and separated by normal… CONTINUE READING


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