Determination of CK2 specificity and substrates by proteome-derived peptide libraries.

  title={Determination of CK2 specificity and substrates by proteome-derived peptide libraries.},
  author={Chunli Wang and Mingliang Ye and Yangyang Bian and Fangjie Liu and Kai Cheng and Mingming Dong and Jing Dong and Hanfa Zou},
  journal={Journal of proteome research},
  volume={12 8},
Understanding the specificity of kinases enables prediction of their substrates and uncovering kinase functions in signaling pathways. Traditionally synthesized peptide libraries are used to determine the kinase specificity. In this study, a proteomics-based method was developed to determine the specificity of kinase by taking the advantages of proteome-derived peptide libraries and quantitative proteomics. Proteome-derived peptide libraries were constructed by digesting proteins in total cell… CONTINUE READING


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