Determination of BBπ coupling in unquenched lattice QCD


The BBπ coupling is a fundamental parameter of chiral effective Lagrangian with heavy-light mesons and can constrain the chiral behavior of fB, BB and the B → πlν form factor in the soft pion limit. We compute the BBπ coupling with the static heavy quark and the O(a)-improved Wilson light quark. Simulations are carried out with nf = 2 unquenched 12 3 × 24 lattices at β = 1.80 and 163 × 32 lattices at β = 1.95 generated by CP-PACS collaboration. To improve the statistical accuracy, we employ the all-to-all propagator technique and the static quark action with smeared temporal link variables following the quenched study by Negishi et al.. These methods successfully work also on unquenched lattices, and determine the BBπ coupling with 1–2% statistical accuracy on each lattice spacing. e-mail: e-mail: e-mail:

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