Determination of (13)C (α) relaxation times in uniformly (13)C/ (15)N-enriched proteins.

  title={Determination of (13)C (α) relaxation times in uniformly (13)C/ (15)N-enriched proteins.},
  author={Jean Engelke and Heinz R{\"u}terjans},
  journal={Journal of biomolecular NMR},
  volume={5 2},
Relaxation times of (13)C(α) carbons of uniformly (13)C/(15)N-enriched probes have been investigated. The relaxation behaviour was analyzed in terms of a multispin system. Pulse sequences for the determination of T(1), T(2) and the heteronuclear NOE of (13)C(α) in uniformly (13)C/(15)N-enriched ribonuclease T1 are presented. The experiments performed in order to obtain T(1) and the heteronuclear NOE were similar to those of the corresponding (15)N experiments published previously. The… CONTINUE READING

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