Determinants of factor VIII recovery in cryoprecipitate.

  title={Determinants of factor VIII recovery in cryoprecipitate.},
  author={Carol K. Kasper and Byron A. Myhre and J. D. Mcdonald and Yoji Nakasako and David I. Feinstein},
  volume={15 4},
Many aspects of the production of cryoprecipitate were studied to determine which methods resulted in the greatest recovery of Factor VIII. The following recommendations resulted: 1) blood should be mixed with anticoagulant throughout phlebotomy; 2) blood should be centrifuged within a few hours of collection; 3) larger satellite bags should be used to contain the usual volume of plasma, for example, 200 ml of plasma should be frozen in a 600-ml capacity bag; 4) plasma should be centrifuged as… CONTINUE READING

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