Determinants of drug delivery and transport to solid tumors.

  title={Determinants of drug delivery and transport to solid tumors.},
  author={Jessie L-S Au and Seong Hoon Jang and Junnian Zheng and C. T. Chen and Shuxian Song and Luojuan Hu and M. Guill Wientjes},
  journal={Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society},
  volume={74 1-3},
This presentation addresses the barriers and determinants and the importance of drug-induced apoptosis in drug transport and delivery to organs and solid tumors. In particular, we examined the roles of interstitial space, drug removal by capillaries, tissue structure and tissue composition on drug distribution. Drug transport in bladder tissues is described by the distributed model which combined monodimensional Fickian diffusion and first order removal of drug by the perfusing blood… CONTINUE READING
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