Determinants of cobalamin status in newborns.

  title={Determinants of cobalamin status in newborns.},
  author={Anne-Lise Bj\orke Monsen and Per Magne Ueland and Stein Emil Vollset and Anne Berit Guttormsen and Trond Jacob Markestad and Einar Solheim and Helga Refsum},
  volume={108 3},
OBJECTIVE Cobalamin deficiency accompanied by bone marrow dysfunction and impaired central nervous system development has been reported in infants who were born to mothers with low cobalamin intake. We investigated the relation between cobalamin status in newborns and in their healthy mothers who consumed an omnivorous diet. METHODS Serum cobalamin and the functional markers plasma methylmalonic acid (MMA) and total homocysteine (tHcy) were determined in 173 newborns and their mothers. Forty… CONTINUE READING