Determinants of block matrices with noncommuting blocks

  title={Determinants of block matrices with noncommuting blocks},
  author={Nat Sothanaphan},
  journal={Linear Algebra and its Applications},
  • Nat Sothanaphan
  • Published 15 May 2018
  • Mathematics
  • Linear Algebra and its Applications
On a Schur-Type Product for Matrices with Operator Entries
In this paper, we will introduce a new Schur-type product for matrices with operator entries, and explore some of its properties. We shall see a connection between this product and the classical
The Limiting Eigenvalue Distribution of Iterated k-Regular Graph Cylinders
The original question was whether or not the graph cylinder construction would produce an expander graph that is a suitable candidate for the neural networks being developed at Nousot, and this question is answered in the negative for computational purposes.
Scrambled Linear Pseudorandom Number Generators
A new test for Hamming-weight dependencies that is able to discover subtle, previously unknown biases in existing generators (in particular, in linear ones), and a number of scramblers, that is, nonlinear functions applied to the state array that reduce or delete the linear artifacts.
Close relation between quantum interference in molecular conductance and diradical existence
An empirical observation of a relationship between a striking feature of electronic transmission through a π-system, destructive quantum interference (QI), on one hand, and the stability of diradicals on the other, leads to the proof of a general theorem that relates the two.
Spectra of functionalized operators arising from hypersurfaces
Functionalized energies, such as the Functionalized Cahn-Hilliard, model phase separation in amphiphilic systems, in which interface production is limited by the competition for surfactant phase,
Multilayer Haldane model
Patterns of Synchrony in Complex Networks of Adaptively Coupled Oscillators
DFG, 308748074, Komplexe dynamische Netzwerke: Effekte von heterogenen, adaptiven und zeitverzogerten Kopplungen


Determinants of Commuting-Block Matrices
Let R be a commutative ring, and let Matn(3W) denote the ring of n x n matrices over S. We can regard a k x k matrix M= (A(D) over Matn(R) as a block matrix, a matrix that has been partitioned into
Noncommutative determinants, Cauchy-Binet formulae, and Capelli-type identities I. Generalizations of the Capelli and Turnbull identities
We prove, by simple manipulation of commutators, two noncommutative generalizations of the Cauchy-Binet formula for the determinant of a product. As special cases we obtain elementary proofs of the
Determinants of block matrices
Let us first consider the 2 x 2 matrices and Their sum and product are given by Here the entries a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h can come from a field, such as the real numbers, or more generally from a ring,
Algebra I: Chapters 1-3
Silver , and Susan G . Williams . Determinants of commuting - block matrices
  • The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics
  • 2009