Determinants of Hand Attractiveness—A Study Involving Digitally Manipulated Stimuli

  title={Determinants of Hand Attractiveness—A Study Involving Digitally Manipulated Stimuli},
  author={Krzysztof Kościński},
  pages={682 - 694}
Although attractiveness of the human hand is of significance in the social and mating context, thus far it has attracted little scientific interest. In this study, young women and men were presented with pairs of digitally manipulated images of opposite-sex hands and asked to indicate the hand perceived to be the more attractive in each pair. The hands within a pair differed from one another by a single feature: shape averageness, femininity, finger length, second-to-fourth-digit ratio, or skin… 

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Hand attractiveness—its determinants and associations with facial attractiveness

Hand and facial attractiveness was correlated with each other for each sex and mediated by shape typicality and fattiness in men and by grooming and, possibly, fattness in women.

Appearance of congenital hand anomalies

A normal hand is perceived distinctly better looking than most congenitally different hands, and Asians seem to prefer an additional digit to a four-finger hand.

The Aesthetics of Digit Amputation.

The general population's visual preferences for different levels of digit amputation in the hand were determined, and ray amputation was the second most aesthetic, particularly in the middle and ring fingers even when compared to amputation at the PIP level.

Does human ejaculate quality relate to phenotypic traits?

The hypothesis that a man's phenotype also embodies cues to fertility or the probability that an ejaculate will fertilize ova is explored, and solutions to the many issues that impede progress in the field are proposed.

The Importance of Hand Appearance as a Patient-Reported Outcome in Hand Surgery

The aesthetic features of the hand are outlined, how literature is evaluating the appearance of thehand in outcomes research is evaluated, and a novel approach to assessing hand aesthetics is proposed.

Enhancing Aesthetic Outcomes of Soft-Tissue Coverage of the Hand

The authors divide the hand into several units and subunits to simplify the understanding of the basic functional and aesthetic requirements of these regions that may ultimately bring order to complexity.

Physical Appearance Anxiety and Social Relations

Students who are afraid of being judged negatively are experience of an anxiety which is called physical appearance anxiety. Social relations refer the relationship between two or more individuals

The case for skin camouflage in the management of upper limb scarring – A case series

This small case series shows that skin camouflage intervention may be beneficial for some patients who are experiencing distress related to an upper limb scar by increasing function and self-confidence.



Hand attractiveness—its determinants and associations with facial attractiveness

Hand and facial attractiveness was correlated with each other for each sex and mediated by shape typicality and fattiness in men and by grooming and, possibly, fattness in women.

Length of index and ring fingers differentially influence sexual attractiveness of men’s and women’s hands

Results have broad implications for sexual selection studies also in nonhuman taxa because the genetic mechanisms that link digit development to sex hormones may be mediated by Hox genes which are conserved in vertebrates.

Are attractive men's faces masculine or feminine? The importance of controlling confounds in face stimuli.

General femininity preferences for both types of faces are found when nonface confounds in the stimuli were eliminated through masking and the influence of nonface cues on preferences for facial masculinity deserves further study.

Facial shape and judgements of female attractiveness

The finding that highly attractive facial configurations are not average shows that preferences could exert a directional selection pressure on the evolution of human face shape.

Effects of sexual dimorphism on facial attractiveness

The results of asking subjects to choose the most attractive faces from continua that enhanced or diminished differences between the average shape of female and male faces indicate a selection pressure that limits sexual dimorphism and encourages neoteny in humans.

The role of masculinity and distinctiveness in judgments of human male facial attractiveness.

Averaging in both shape and texture were found to increase attractiveness independently, showing that the increased attractiveness of composites is due to the combined action of these two manipulations, suggestive that masculinity and distinctiveness are separable components in face perception.

Is symmetry a visual cue to attractiveness in the human female body?

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    Evolution and human behavior : official journal of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society
  • 2000

Association of Digit Ratio (2D:4D) with Self-Reported Attractiveness in Men and Women: Evidence from

Abstract. Prenatal testosterone (PT) may influence attractiveness such that high PT increases attractiveness in men. Here we are concerned with self-perceptions of attractiveness, rather than ratings

Visual cues to female physical attractiveness

Evidence is presented that weight scaled for height (the body mass index (BMI) is the primary determinant of sexual attractiveness rather than WHR and how visual cues, such as the perimeter–area ratio (PAR), can provide an accurate and reliable index of an individual's BMI.

Digit ratio (2D:4D) predicts facial, but not voice or body odour, attractiveness in men

The results were interpreted in terms of differential effects of prenatal and circulating testosterone, male facial shape being supposedly more dependent on foetal levels (reflected by 2D:4D ratio), whereas body odour and vocal characteristics could be moredependent on variation in adult circulating testosterone levels.