Determinants in CaV1 channels that regulate the Ca2+ sensitivity of bound calmodulin.

  title={Determinants in CaV1 channels that regulate the Ca2+ sensitivity of bound calmodulin.},
  author={David B. Halling and Dimitra Georgiou and Dr Douglas J. Black and Guojun Yang and Jennifer L Fallon and Florante A. Quiocho and Steen Pedersen and Susan L. Hamilton},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={284 30},
Calmodulin binds to IQ motifs in the alpha(1) subunit of Ca(V)1.1 and Ca(V)1.2, but the affinities of calmodulin for the motif and for Ca(2+) are higher when bound to Ca(V)1.2 IQ. The Ca(V)1.1 IQ and Ca(V)1.2 IQ sequences differ by four amino acids. We determined the structure of calmodulin bound to Ca(V)1.1 IQ and compared it with that of calmodulin bound to Ca(V)1.2 IQ. Four methionines in Ca(2+)-calmodulin form a hydrophobic binding pocket for the peptide, but only one of the four… CONTINUE READING


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