Determinants for Aurora-A activation and Aurora-B discrimination by TPX2.

  title={Determinants for Aurora-A activation and Aurora-B discrimination by TPX2.},
  author={Richard Bayliss and Teresa Sard{\'o}n and Judith Ebert and Doris Lindner and Isabelle Vernos and Elena Conti},
  journal={Cell cycle},
  volume={3 4},
The mitotic kinases Aurora-A and Aurora-B have similar amino-acid sequences but are differently localised and regulated during cell division. The basis for their interactions with different and specific regulators is unclear. Surprisingly, our recent structural studies indicate that TPX2 regulates Aurora-A activity by binding at a site that is conserved almost completely on Aurora-B. Here we investigate molecular determinants of TPX2-Aurora-A recognition. Using structure-based mutagenesis, we… CONTINUE READING

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