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Determinantal structures for Bessel fields

  title={Determinantal structures for Bessel fields},
  author={Lucas Benigni and Pei-Ken Hung and Xuan Wu},
A Bessel field B = {B(α, t), α ∈ N0, t ∈ R} is a two-variable random field such that for every (α, t), B(α, t) has the law of a Bessel point process with index α. The Bessel fields arise as hard edge scaling limits of the Laguerre field, a natural extension of the classical Laguerre unitary ensemble. It is recently proved in [LW21] that for fixed α, {B(α, t), t ∈ R} is a squared Bessel Gibbsian line ensemble. In this paper, we discover rich integrable structures for the Bessel fields: along a… 

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