Detector developments for the hypernuclear programme at P̄ANDA

  title={Detector developments for the hypernuclear programme at P̄ANDA},
  author={Alicia Sanchez Lorente and Patrick Achenbach and Josef Pochodzalla and Salvador S{\'a}nchez Majos},
  journal={2008 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record},
The technical design of the P̄ANDA experiment at the future FAIR facility next to GSI is progressing. At the proposed anti-proton storage ring the spectroscopy of double Λ hypernuclei is one of the four main topics which will be addressed by the Collaboration. The hypernuclear experiments require (i) a dedicated internal target, (ii) an active secondary target of alternating silicon and absorber material layers, (iii) high purity germanium (HPGe) detectors, and (iv) a good particle… 
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