Detection of the readthrough protein of barley yellow dwarf virus.


The single open reading frame (ORF) 5 encoding the 50-kDa protein of barley yellow dwarf virus PAV-IL (BYDV-PAV-IL) was expressed in bacteria, purified, and used as an immunogen/antigen to produce/screen antibodies specific to the 50-kDa protein. Two monoclonal antibodies (MAb PAV-IL-22 kDa and MAb PAV-IL-50 kDa) raised against BYDV-PAV-IL could specifically detect the presence of the 72-kDa readthrough protein in extracts from the BYDV-infected leaf tissue. The results suggest that ORF 5 (50-kDa protein) is translated by readthrough of ORF 3 (22-kDa coat protein) to produce the 72-kDa protein. The readthrough protein is thought to be a structural protein on the external surface of BYDV.


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