Detection of several daemon populations in earth-crossing orbits

  title={Detection of several daemon populations in earth-crossing orbits},
  author={Edward M. Drobyshevski and M V Beloborodyy and Roman Kurakin and V. G. Latypov and K. A. Pelepelin},
Experiments on scintillator-based detection of negative dark electric matter objects, daemons, representing Planckian supermassive (about 2 ‐ 10 m 5 v g) particles that were detected in March 2000 as populating near-Earth, almost circular heliocentric orbits (NEACHOs), are being continued. The NEACHO objects hit the Earth with a velocity of about 10-15 v km v s m 1 . The results of these and new experiments (April-June 2001) are now being processed, taking into account the difference in… CONTINUE READING


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