Detection of precancerous gastric lesions and gastric cancer through exhaled breath

  title={Detection of precancerous gastric lesions and gastric cancer through exhaled breath},
  author={H. Amal and M. Leja and K. Funka and R. {\vS}kapars and A. Sīviņ{\vs} and G. Ancans and I. Liepniece-Karele and I. Ķikuste and Ieva Lasina and H. Haick},
  pages={400 - 407}
  • H. Amal, M. Leja, +7 authors H. Haick
  • Published 2015
  • Medicine
  • Gut
  • Objectives Timely detection of gastric cancer (GC) and the related precancerous lesions could provide a tool for decreasing both cancer mortality and incidence. Design 968 breath samples were collected from 484 patients (including 99 with GC) for two different analyses. The first sample was analysed by gas chromatography linked to mass spectrometry (GCMS) while applying t test with multiple corrections (p value<0.017); the second by cross-reactive nanoarrays combined with pattern recognition… CONTINUE READING
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