Detection of orbital motions near the last stable circular orbit of the massive black hole SgrA

  title={Detection of orbital motions near the last stable circular orbit of the massive black hole SgrA},
  author={G. C. R. Abuter and A. Amorim and M. Baubock and J. P. Berger and H. Bonnet and W. Brandner and Y. Cl'enet and V. C. D. Foresto and P. Zeeuw and C. Deen and J. Dexter and G. Duvert and A. Eckart and F. Eisenhauer and N. F. Schreiber and P. Garc{\'i}a and F. Gao and E. Gendron and R. Genzel and S. Gillessen and P. Guajardo and M. Habibi and X. Haubois and T. Henning and S. Hippler and M. Horrobin and A. Huber and A. Jim'enez-Rosales and L. Jocou and P. Kervella and S. Lacour and V. Lapeyr{\`e}re and B. Lazareff and J. Bouquin and P. Lena and M. Lippa and T. Ott and J. Panduro and T. Paumard and K. Perraut and G. Perrin and O. Pfuhl and P. Plewa and S. Rabien and G. Rodr'iguez-Coira and G. Rousset and A. Sternberg and O. Straub and C. Straubmeier and E. Sturm and L. Tacconi and F. Vincent and S. V. Fellenberg and I. Waisberg and F. Widmann and E. Wieprecht and E. Wiezorrek and J. Woillez and S. Yazici},
  journal={Astronomy and Astrophysics},
  • G. C. R. Abuter, A. Amorim, +56 authors S. Yazici
  • Published 2018
  • Physics
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • We report the detection of continuous positional and polarization changes of the compact source SgrA* in high states ('flares') of its variable near- infrared emission with the near-infrared GRAVITY-Very Large Telescope Interferometer (VLTI) beam-combining instrument. In three prominent bright flares, the position centroids exhibit clockwise looped motion on the sky, on scales of typically 150 micro-arcseconds over a few tens of minutes, corresponding to about 30% the speed of light. At the… CONTINUE READING
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