Detection of neutron clusters

  title={Detection of neutron clusters},
  author={F. M. Marques and M. Labiche and N. Orr and E. al.},
  journal={Physical Review C},
A new approach to the production and detection of bound neutron clusters is presented. The technique is based on the breakup of beams of very neutron-rich nuclei and the subsequent detection of the recoiling proton in a liquid scintillator. The method has been tested in the breakup of intermediate energy (30–50 MeV/nucleon) 11Li, 14Be, and 15B beams. Some six events were observed that exhibit the characteristics of a multineutron cluster liberated in the breakup of 14Be, most probably in the… Expand
Light Nuclei in the Continuum
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The development of light, neutron-rich beams has opened new perspectives for the study of many-neutron systems in the last decade. Breakup experiments at GANIL are described, using beams of 6,8He,Expand
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Structure of Excited States of 10Be studied with Antisymmetrized Molecular Dynamics
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