Detection of multiple sapovirus genotypes and genogroups in oyster-associated outbreaks.

  title={Detection of multiple sapovirus genotypes and genogroups in oyster-associated outbreaks.},
  author={Reiko Nakagawa-Okamoto and Tomoko Arita-Nishida and Shoichi Toda and Hirotomo Kato and Hiroyuki Iwata and Miho Akiyama and Osamu Nishio and Hirokazu Kimura and Mamoru Noda and Naokazu Takeda and Tomoichiro Oka},
  journal={Japanese journal of infectious diseases},
  volume={62 1},
This report describes multiple viruses in stool specimens from oyster-associated gastroenteritis. Eleven outbreaks of oyster-associated gastroenteritis were examined for enteric viruses between January 2002 and March 2006 in Japan. Multiple norovirus genotypes were detected in all outbreaks; moreover, kobuvirus, sapovirus, and astrovirus were also detected in 6, 3, and 1 of the 11 outbreaks, respectively. Notably, multiple sapovirus genogroups were detected in the stool specimens from subjects… CONTINUE READING
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