Detection of intravenous fluid extravasation using resistance measurements

  title={Detection of intravenous fluid extravasation using resistance measurements},
  author={MB BSFFARACSDavidA.Scott and John A. Fox and Beverly K. Philip and Leonard J. Lind and Avital Cnaan and RN MaryAnnePalleiko and John M. Stelling MPH and MD James H. Philip MEE},
  journal={Journal of Clinical Monitoring},
Resistance to fluid infusion can be derived from measurements of pressure at two or more flow rates. We measured resistance in 31 patients using a pressure-monitoring infusion pump (Model 560, IVAC) by recording pressure at five flow rates (0, 50,100, 200, and 300 mL/hr), and computing resistance as the slope of the pressure versus flow curve. Resistance… CONTINUE READING