Detection of hereditary motor sensory neuropathy type I in childhood.

  title={Detection of hereditary motor sensory neuropathy type I in childhood.},
  author={Thomas E. Feasby and Angelika F G Hahn and Charles F. Bolton and William R. Brown and Wilma J. Koopman},
  journal={Journal of neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry},
  volume={55 10},
Clinical signs and slowed motor nerve conduction velocities were found in 17 of 36 children under 10 years of age who had one parent with hereditary motor sensory neuropathy type I (HMSN I). Four children had slowed conduction velocities at one year or less. Clinical signs were subtle and included pes planus, distal foot wasting, weakness of ankle eversion and dorsiflexion and areflexia. HMSN I can be detected reliably in children, even before one year of age. 


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