Detection of ciliostatic activity in fungal growth on building materials.


Varying ciliostatic activity was found in extracts of biomass from building materials inoculated with pure isolates of some molds previously isolated from buildings. Extracts from growth on materials composed of finely divided cellulose (plaster board and construction cardboard) were more active than those from growth on Rockwool. Extracts of biomass from all three materials demonstrated an activity greater than control samples. Based on the activity observed here, it is conceivable that the measurement of ciliostatic activity of biomass scraped from contaminated building materials could be useful for planning removal strategies.

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@article{Wilkins2002DetectionOC, title={Detection of ciliostatic activity in fungal growth on building materials.}, author={Ken Wilkins and Elena Pieckov{\'a}}, journal={Environmental science and pollution research international}, year={2002}, volume={9 2}, pages={105-6} }