Detection of avian metapneumovirus subtypes in turkeys using RT-PCR.

  title={Detection of avian metapneumovirus subtypes in turkeys using RT-PCR.},
  author={Hasan Ongor and Murat Karahan and Recep Kalin and H Bulut and Burhan Çetinkaya},
  journal={The Veterinary record},
  volume={166 12},
This study investigated the prevalence of avian metapneumovirus (aMPV) and the detection of molecular subtypes of field strains of the virus using RT-PCR in clinically healthy turkeys and those showing signs of respiratory disease. In the RT-PCR examination of 624 tracheal tissue samples collected from a local turkey abattoir, 2.9 per cent (18/624) of samples tested positive. In the examination of tracheal swab samples collected from flocks with respiratory problems, 18 of 20 samples tested… CONTINUE READING