Detection of adulterants in olive oil by headspace-mass spectrometry.

  title={Detection of adulterants in olive oil by headspace-mass spectrometry.},
  author={Isabel Marcos Lorenzo and Jos{\'e} Luis P{\'e}rez Pav{\'o}n and Mar{\'i}a Esther Fern{\'a}ndez Laespada and Carmelo Garc{\'i}a Pinto and Bernardo Moreno Cordero},
  journal={Journal of chromatography. A},
  volume={945 1-2},
In the present work, we propose the use of direct coupling of a headspace sampler to a mass spectrometer for the detection of adulterants in olive oil. Samples of olive oils were mixed with different proportions of sunflower oil and olive-pomace oil, respectively, and patterns of the volatile compounds in the original and mixed samples were generated. Application of the linear discriminant analysis technique to the data from the signals was sufficient to differentiate the adulterated from the… CONTINUE READING

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