Detection of additional JH/BCL2 translocations in follicular lymphoma.

  title={Detection of additional JH/BCL2 translocations in follicular lymphoma.},
  author={Colin Price and A. Tuszynski and Suzanne M. Watt and Susan J Murdoch and T. Andrew Lister and Bryan D. Young},
  volume={5 7},
In vitro enzymatic amplification and direct sequencing were used to detect and characterize t(14;18) recombination junctions in peripheral blood and bone marrow mononuclear cell preparations from patients with follicular lymphoma in remission. Samples from 24/44 patients were found to be positive for translocations involving the major breakpoint region of the BCL2 gene. In samples from seven patients two distinct t(14;18) translocations were shown to be present simultaneously; in one case the… CONTINUE READING

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