Detection of a new yellow fever virus lineage within the South American genotype I in Brazil

  title={Detection of a new yellow fever virus lineage within the South American genotype I in Brazil},
  author={R. P. de Souza and P. Foster and M. A. Sallum and T. L. Coimbra and Adriana Y Maeda and V. R. Silveira and E. S. Moreno and F. G. D. da Silva and I. M. Rocco and I. B. Ferreira and A. Suzuki and F. M. Oshiro and S. Petrella and L. E. Pereira and G. Katz and C. Tengan and M. M. Siciliano and C. L. S. dos Santos},
  journal={Journal of Medical Virology},
  • R. P. de Souza, P. Foster, +15 authors C. L. S. dos Santos
  • Published 2010
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of Medical Virology
  • Nucleotide sequences of two regions of the genomes of 11 yellow fever virus (YFV) samples isolated from monkeys or humans with symptomatic yellow fever (YF) in Brazil in 2000, 2004, and 2008 were determined with the objective of establishing the genotypes and studying the genetic variation. Results of the Bayesian phylogenetic analysis showed that sequences generated from strains from 2004 and 2008 formed a new subclade within the clade 1 of the South American genotype I. The new subgroup is… CONTINUE READING
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