Detection of a Noble Gas Molecular Ion, 36ArH+, in the Crab Nebula

  title={Detection of a Noble Gas Molecular Ion, 36ArH+, in the Crab Nebula},
  author={M. Barlow and B. Swinyard and P. Owen and J. Cernicharo and H. Gomez and R. Ivison and O. Krause and T. Lim and M. Matsuura and S. Miller and G. Olofsson and E. Polehampton},
  pages={1343 - 1345}
We Are Stardust Most of the universe's chemical elements were produced in stars, with the heaviest elements being produced when stars explode. Barlow et al. (p. 1343) used the Herschel Space Observatory to obtain submillimeter spectra of the Crab Nebula, the remains of a stellar explosion that was witnessed on Earth in 1054 AD, and detected the first evidence of a noble gas-containing molecular ion in space—36ArH+. Koo et al. (p. 1346) obtained near-infrared spectroscopic observations of the… Expand
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