Detection of Transportation Mode Solely Using Smartphones

  • Tim Sonderen
  • Published 2016


Modern smartphones contain several sensors including an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. The data from these sensors can be used to determine the transportation mode that is used. In previous research this was only done on devices other than the smartphone itself. By using efficient algorithms and low sampling rate, this is also detectable by an application on the smartphone. By making sure that this application has low power usage while still being accurate and quick, it can be turned into a background process other applications can query at any time to get the current transportation mode. This background process will function the same for transportation mode as GPS functions for location. For this paper, the transportation modes are limited to walking, running, riding a bike and driving a car. After positive results it is clear that such an application is certainly possible to make and will be able to have a very low resource consumption.

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