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Detection of Slow Magnetic Monopole

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Numerous and all unsuccessful attempts of experimental search for monopole in cosmic rays and on accelerators in high energy particle collisions have been done since the possibility of existence of a magnetic monopole has been surveyed in 1931. Also the searches have been carried out in mica for monopole tracks as well as for relict monopoles, entrapped by ferromagnetic inclusions in iron-ores, moon rock and meteorites. A new method of search for supermassive cosmic and relict monopoles by… 
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Slow Magnetic Monopole: Interaction with Matter and New Possibility of Their Detection

The possibility of existence of a magnetic monopole has been surveyed by P. Dirac even in 1931, and then from the point of view of the modern theory by A.M. Polyakov and G.~ 'tHooft in 1974. Numerous



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