Detection of Rotavirus from Hospitalized Diarrheic Children in Uttar Pradesh, India


In the present study 220 stool samples collected from diarrheic children admitted to different hospitals and nursing homes of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand were screened for rotavirus. Of 220 diarrheic samples screened 46 samples were found to be positive for rotavirus by RNA PAGE. All the isolates exhibited 4-2-3-2 migration pattern suggesting group A rotavirus. Both long and short electropherotypes were prevalent in these regions. Six different electropherotypes were detected in this study period. Male diarrheic children were found to be more susceptible to rotavirus infection (22.96 %) than that of the female ones (17.64 %). Viral RNA isolated from stool samples again subjected to VP4 gene amplification by RT-PCR using con2 and con3 primer which resulted 876 bp product suggesting group A rotavirus. Besides virus isolation was successfully done using MA104 cell line.

DOI: 10.1007/s12088-012-0279-6

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