Detection of Phytoplasmas Causing Grassy Shoot Disease in Sugarcane by PCR Technique

  title={Detection of Phytoplasmas Causing Grassy Shoot Disease in Sugarcane by PCR Technique},
  author={Rasappa Viswanathan and M. Balamuralikrishnan and Muthusamy Poongothai},
  journal={Sugar Tech},
Polymerase chain reaction technique was standardized for the detection of phytoplasmas causing grassy shoot disease (GSD) in sugarcane using two sets of forward and reverse primers of 16S rRNA/23S spacer region and 16S of rRNA were specifically amplified by PCR, respectively using these universal primers from the DNA of the GSD-affected plants. The results indicate that PCR based diagnosis can be used for the detection of GSD phytoplasmas in sugarcane. 


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