Detection of Orbital Angular Momentum With Metasurface at Microwave Band

  title={Detection of Orbital Angular Momentum With Metasurface at Microwave Band},
  author={Menglin L. N. Chen and Li Jun Jiang and Wei E. I. Sha},
  journal={IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters},
An orbital angular momentum (OAM) detection approach at microwave band is proposed. A transmittance function is exploited to model a transmissive metasurface. Then, the metasurface is designed to convert an OAM wave to multiple waves, only one of which is Gaussian. The radiation direction of the Gaussian wave is distinguishable according to the order of incident OAM. Consequently, by locating the Gaussian wave, the incident OAM can be conveniently determined. We use a simple field source to… 

Polarization-Controlled Shared-Aperture Metasurface for Generating a Vortex Beam With Different Modes

Electromagnetic waves carrying orbital angular momentum (OAM) have drawn much attention in the fields of radar detection and wireless communication. In such applications, vortex beams with multiple

Quasi-Continuous Metasurfaces for Orbital Angular Momentum Generation

A quasi-continuous composite perfect electric conductor–perfect magnetic conductor metasurface and a systematic metasurface design process are proposed for the orbital angular momentum (OAM)

Orbital Angular Momentum Generation Using Composite Quasi-Continuous Metasurfaces with Perfect Efficiency

A composite perfect electric conductor (PEC)-perfect magnetic conductor (PMC) metasurface is proposed for orbital angular momentum (OAM) generation. Each scatterer on the metasurface consists of an

Reflective Metasurface for Vortex Wave Generating and Divergence Reducing in X-Band

The proposed reflective metasurface paves an effective way to reduce the divergence of vortex electromagnetic wave for OAM-based system in microwave and radio frequency.

Orbital angular momentum radiator multiplexing electromagnetic waves in free space.

It is confirmed that a single radiator can wirelessly transmit more than two independent EM waves at a single frequency by using multi-OAM modes, useful for the future high-speed wireless communication systems.

A Broadband Electronically Mode-Reconfigurable Orbital Angular Momentum Metasurface Antenna

In this letter, a 2 × 2 low-profile broadband triple-mode orbital angular momentum (OAM) array antenna is presented, which can be dynamically controlled with electrostatic method. The antenna element

Generation of Mode-Reconfigurable and Frequency-Adjustable OAM Beams Using Dynamic Reflective Metasurface

Full-wave simulations show that the designed reflective metasurface can generate frequency-adjustable OAM beams with different topological charges over a frequency range of 5.2 GHz~5.8 GHz.

Orbital angular momentum wave generation/detection based on planar multi‐slot‐spiral circularly polarized antenna

Orbital angular momentum (OAM) as vortex wave has potential application for dense communication. A multi‐slot antenna is proposed based on Archimedean spirals to generate/detect the OAM waves. The

Multiple OAM vortex beams generation using 1-bit metasurface.

A novel method to generate multiple orbital angular momentum (OAM) vortex beams is proposed using a 1-bit metasurface, and results show that multiple OAM vortex beams are successfully generated and detected, verifying the effectiveness of the proposed method.

Variable Scale Aperture Sampling Reception Method for Multiple Orbital Angular Momentum Modes Vortex Wave

The VSASR method has higher OAM modes multiplexing utilization efficiency than the partial aperture sampling reception method at the same reception aperture and is also well for vortex wave consistency reception.



Ultrathin Complementary Metasurface for Orbital Angular Momentum Generation at Microwave Frequencies

Electromagnetic (EM) waves with helical wave front carry orbital angular momentum (OAM), which is associated with the azimuthal phase of the complex electric field. OAM is a new degree of freedom in

Generating multiple orbital angular momentum vortex beams using a metasurface in radio frequency domain

In this paper, an electromagnetic metasurface is designed, fabricated, and experimentally demonstrated to generate multiple orbital angular momentum (OAM) vortex beams in radio frequency domain.

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A system is proposed to generate vortex electromagnetic (EM) beams in the microwave band, which generates high-order vortex beams at the X-frequency band for the first time. First, the orbital

Orbital-Angular-Momentum-Based Electromagnetic Vortex Imaging

A novel radar imaging technique based on orbital angular momentum (OAM) modulation is presented. First, the generation of electromagnetic (EM) vortex wave, which carries the OAM, using incrementally

Artificial Perfect Electric Conductor-Perfect Magnetic Conductor Anisotropic Metasurface for Generating Orbital Angular Momentum of Microwave with Nearly Perfect Conversion Efficiency

Orbital angular momentum (OAM) is a promising degree of freedom for fundamental studies in electromagnetics and quantum mechanics. The unlimited state space of OAM shows a great potential to enhance

Detecting the Orbital Angular Momentum of Electro-Magnetic Waves Using Virtual Rotational Antenna

An OAM mode detection method based on digitally rotating a virtual antenna, where the transmitter and receiver are physically fixed, but the Virtual Rotational Antenna is obtained by interpolating the signals received from transverse-mounted receiving antennas.

Ultralow Reflectivity Spiral Phase Plate for Generation of Millimeter-wave OAM Beam

An ultralow reflectivity spiral phase plate (SPP) is proposed to generate an orbital angular momentum (OAM) beam at millimeter-wave frequency. The SPP is composed of unit cells whose equivalent

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A general method, based on susceptibility tensors, is proposed for the synthesis of metasurfaces transforming arbitrary incident waves into arbitrary reflected and transmitted waves. The proposed

Orbital Angular Momentum in Radio—A System Study

Recent discoveries concerning rotating (helical) phase fronts and orbital angular momentum (OAM) of laser beams are applied to radio frequencies and comprehensive simulations of a radio OAM system

Generation of phase singularity through diffracting a plane or Gaussian beam by a spiral phase plate.

An analytical expression for Fresnel diffraction of a plane wave by a spiral phase plate (SPP) that imparts an arbitrary-order phase singularity on the light field is deduced and the far-field intensity distribution is derived.