Detection of High-Energy Gamma-Ray Emission from the Globular Cluster 47 Tucanae with Fermi

  title={Detection of High-Energy Gamma-Ray Emission from the Globular Cluster 47 Tucanae with Fermi},
  author={A. Abdo and M. Ackermann and M. Ajello and W. B. Atwood and M. Axelsson and L. Baldini and J. Ballet and G. Barbiellini and D. Bastieri and B. Baughman and K. Bechtol and R. Bellazzini and B. Berenji and R. Blandford and E. Bloom and E. Bonamente and A. Borgland and J. Bregeon and A. Brez and M. Brigida and P. Bruel and T. H. Burnett and G. Caliandro and R. Cameron and P. Caraveo and J. Casandjian and C. Cecchi and {\"O}. Çelik and E. Charles and S. Chaty and A. Chekhtman and C. Cheung and J. Chiang and S. Ciprini and R. Claus and J. Cohen-Tanugi and J. Conrad and S. Cutini and C. D. Dermer and F. de Palma and S. Digel and M. Dormody and E. do Couto e Silva and P. S. Drell and R. Dubois and D. Dumora and C. Farnier and C. Favuzzi and S. Fegan and W. B. Focke and M. Frailis and Y. Fukazawa and P. Fusco and F. Gargano and D. Gasparrini and N. Gehrels and S. Germani and B. Giebels and N. Giglietto and F. Giordano and T. Glanzman and G. Godfrey and I. Grenier and J. Grove and L. Guillemot and S. Guiriec and Y. Hanabata and A. Harding and M. Hayashida and E. Hays and D. Horan and R. Hughes and G. J{\'o}hannesson and A. Johnson and R. Johnson and T. Johnson and W. N. Johnson and T. Kamae and H. Katagiri and N. Kawai and M. Kerr and J. Kn{\"o}dlseder and F. Kuehn and M. Kuss and J. Lande and L. Latronico and M. Lemoine-Goumard and F. Longo and F. Loparco and B. Lott and M. N. Lovellette and P. Lubrano and A. Makeev and M. Mazziotta and W. Mcconville and J. Mcenery and C. Meurer and P. F. Michelson and W. Mitthumsiri and T. Mizuno and A. Moiseev and C. Monte and M. Monzani and A. Morselli and I. Moskalenko and S. Murgia and P. Nolan and J. Norris and E. Nuss and T. Ohsugi and N. Omodei and E. Orlando and J. F. Ormes and D. Paneque and J. Panetta and D. Parent and V. Pelassa and M. Pepe and M. Pierbattista and F. Piron and T. Porter and S. Rain{\`o} and R. Rando and M. Razzano and N. Rea and A. Reimer and O. Reimer and T. Reposeur and S. Ritz and L. Rochester and A. Y. Rodriguez and R. Romani and M. Roth and F. Ryde and H. Sadrozinski and D. Sanchez and A. Sander and P. M. Saz Parkinson and C. Sgr{\`o} and D. A. Smith and P. Smith and G. Spandre and P. Spinelli and J. Starck and M. S. Strickman and D. J. Suson and H. Tajima and H. Takahashi and T. Tanaka and J. Thayer and D. Thompson and L. Tibaldo and D. Torres and G. Tosti and A. Tramacere and Y. Uchiyama and T. Usher and V. Vasileiou and N. V{\'i}lchez and V. Vitale and P. Wang and N. Webb and B. Winer and K. Wood and T. Ylinen and M. Ziegler},
  pages={845 - 848}
  • A. Abdo, M. Ackermann, +164 authors M. Ziegler
  • Published 2009
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Science
  • Gamma-Ray Pulsar Bonanza Most of the pulsars we know about were detected through their radio emission; a few are known to pulse gamma rays but were first detected at other wavelengths (see the Perspective by Halpern). Using the Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope, Abdo et al. (p. 840, published online 2 July; see the cover) report the detection of 16 previously unknown pulsars based on their gamma-ray emission alone. Thirteen of these coincide with previously unidentified gamma-ray sources, solving… CONTINUE READING
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